How To Clear Cache on Samsung A50

how to clear cache on samsung a50

Manual Samsung – In this article, you will learn how to clear cache on Samsung a50 and A50s. We’ll have to see how you can do it. The internal memory on the Samsung Galaxy A50 continues to peak during use. Users can clear the cache on the Samsung Galaxy A50, after which memory will be … Read more

How To Wipe Cache Partition Note 9

how to wipe cache partition note 9

Manual Samsung – You may be experiencing that your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 occasionally has cache issues. There are times when an app doesn’t start accurately, or now and again starts but not with the latest form you’ve refreshed. It can be annoying, but you don’t need to stress because the problem can be effectively … Read more

How to Reset Galaxy Buds

how to reset galaxy buds

Manual Samsung – Consistently resetting a device is a conclusive answer to any problem. Not only on Galaxy Buds, but this applies to every electronic device. I used to advise my relatives to reset his device if he was dealing with problems with his phone. In the case of Galaxy Buds, how to reset galaxy … Read more

How to Turn off Samsung S21 Easliy

how to turn off samsung s21

Manual Samsung – The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a component-rich phone, and to require many of these elements, Samsung needs to roll out certain fixes. This progression also includes changing the power button element, bringing absolute confusion. So assuming you need to figure out how to turn off Samsung S21, there are plenty of ways … Read more

How To Restart Galaxy Note 10 Plus

how to restart galaxy note 10 plus

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus is one of Samsung’s flagship phones released in 2019. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus is intended for those of you who want to experience a flagship phone higher than its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 10. In this post, you will learn how to restart galaxy note 10 plus. If … Read more