How to Change App Icons on Samsung

how to change app icons on samsung

One way to embellish your Samsung phone is by how to change app icons on Samsung. The good news is, for Samsung phones you can do it easily. Below we give you a guide to change app icons on your Samsung galaxy. How to change app icons on Samsung galaxy there are two methods, namely … Read more

How to Factory Reset Note 8 Without Password

how to factory reset note 8 without password

Samsung note 8 is a well-known smartphone of its time. However, just like other smartphones sometimes also have problems. These problems include forgetting passwords, hangs, slow charging, problematic screens, and more. It can all be solved by factory reset. Below we provide guidance on how to factory reset note 8 without password. Factory reset is … Read more

How to Turn Off LTE on Galaxy S9

how to turn off lte on galaxy s9

Because the purpose of making a smartphone is to facilitate and provide the best experience for its users. On the Samsung Galaxy, S9, and S9 + you can use any type of internet connection. Of all the best network options are LTE or 4G. This is one of the fastest networks in the galaxy s9, … Read more

How to Update Samsung Emojis

how to update samsung emojis

Emojis are now a great way to express yourself digitally. However, if you are using a newer Samsung device it usually comes with more built-in options for your Samsung phone. So, it’s no surprise that some people are looking for ways to update Samsung emojis. In the article below we give a guide to updating … Read more

How to Block Restricted Calls on Samsung

how to block restricted calls on samsung

As a big phone, Samsung has said they received limited incoming calls. If you are disturbed by this activity you can block limited calls on Samsung, below we provide guidance on how to block restricted calls on Samsung. Telemarketers have become perhaps the most widely recognized interruptions experienced by Samsung telephone clients. Lamentably, you can’t … Read more