How to Disable Samsung Pay Swipe Up

Samsung Pay is a digital wallet and online payment application or makes it easier to make transactions convenient and faster. When you use it to pay, Samsung pay makes using your phone as an easy bank card, and to make things more convenient there is a Samsung pay swipe up feature. However, there are times when you no longer want to use it, besides, not many people like this Samsung pay swipe up feature, and want to know how to disable Samsung pay swipe up.

how to disable samsung pay swipe up

In this article, we will guide you on how to disable Samsung pay swipe up.

How to Disable Samsung Pay Swipe Up Easily

If the Samsung pay app swipe-up feature is enabled, you will see a gray bar at the bottom of your Samsung phone screen. If you swipe the gray bar, you’ll be taken directly to the Samsung pay app.

However, not everyone likes that because it feels annoying. So, if you’re one of those who are annoyed with the swipe-up feature, but you want to continue using Samsung pay, then you just disable this feature.

  • Open Samsung Pay on your Samsung phone.
  • Tap the three-line menu icon, in the top left corner
  • Scroll down and tap settings
  • Tap Use Favorite Card
  • There, you’ll see Screen off, Home screen, and Lock screen
  • Turn it off by tapping the slider to finish it

With this turned off, Samsung pay can only be activated when you open the Samsung pay app on your Samsung phone.

That’s how to disable Samsung pay swipe up, what do you think about the swipe up feature? let us know in the comment field below.


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