How To Get a Tablet Out of Safe Mode

Occasionally, the Android OS will identify problems on your tablet gadgets and as a result, the tablet device will boot itself in Safe Mode. When in Safe Mode, you probably won’t have the option to do much on your tablet because an important part of the tablet you need can’t use. Your tablet might say “Not responding” or have problems running the app. The app symbol on your tablet may also appear gray, you can’t press it. You don’t have to panic. We have a few things you can try to how to get a tablet out of safe mode. Techniques for exiting Safe Mode may change on any tablet. Here are some different ways you can get your tablet out of safe mode.

how to get a tablet out of safe mode

How To Get a Tablet Out of Safe Mode

1. Remove Suspicious or Recently Installed Apps

How to get a tablet out of safe mode the first possible application you just installed might get the tablet into Safe Mode.

To remove it you can Go to “Settings” > “Apps” and uninstall your newly installed apps or suspicious apps. Or you can follow these steps:

  • On your tablet in Safe Mode, go to Settings and tap Apps
  • On the Apps screen, find the most apps at the end of your install and tap on them. On the following screen, tap Uninstall

After deleting most applications that you have recently installed on a tablet device, then you reinstall the Application individually and check if there are any problems again after you re-install certain applications. If that happens, you already know the cause. Maybe you like how to turn off safe mode on Samsung tablet

2. Turn Off Your Tablet

Next, how to get a tablet out of safe mode you can Turn off your tablet and hold down the “power” button, then, at that point select “turn off the power”.

Try not to select the “Restart” or “Reboot” option. Many tablet users will remain in Safe Mode when selecting the restart option.

3. Remove Your Tablet’s Battery

  • Turn off your tablet using the Power button.
  • When the tablet Shuts Down Your Tablet
  • Wait a few moments, put the battery back on and turn it on.
  • This step only works on removable tablet devices.

That’s all how to get a tablet out of safe mode, rebooting or turning off the tablet device is enough and will restore it to normal mode.


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