How To Turn Off Samsung S20 Plus With 3 Easy Ways

Unlike many other Android gadgets, or how to turn off your Samsung S20 plus isn’t as simple as it sounds. You should remap the button or try another strategy. In this article are four different ways to turn off your Samsung S20 plus phone.

how to turn off samsung s20 plus

Samsung delivered this new phone that is very top of the line. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is one of the items that will be included in 2020. Unlike most Android phones, the Galaxy S20 plus will be more enthusiastic about winding down. Regardless of whether it’s to turn it off for a short time or to address a particular problem, this technique won’t be the same as other Android gadgets. We will reveal to you how to turn off Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

How To Turn Off Samsung S20 Plus

On Android, to be able to turn off the phone, basically just press and hold the power button. On the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, the “side key” is a multi-working button. Obviously, the direct push on the button takes care of the screen, but pressing it for a long time will not show the power menu. That would even trigger Samsung’s Bixby voice collaborators.

How to turn off Samsung S20 plus? We will see together that there are some settings and methods that you need to do.

1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus with a combination button

Of course, there are other arrangements. You just press two physical buttons on the Galaxy S20 plus. To turn off the phone, long-press the power button, and the volume down button. Generally, these controls will take screenshots on the phone, but Samsung has changed this mixed activity and is currently opening the power menu.

2. Access the power menu by using the quick settings panel board

Samsung also offers an easy route to get to the power menu from the phone’s s20 plus phone quick settings panel board. To get to an alternative way, swipe down from the highest point of the Galaxy S20 plus screen to pull up the quick setup board. From then on, select the “power” symbol in the upper right corner.

At the point when the style menu appears, press the “turn off power” or “Restart” button to play individual activities.

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3. Change the functioning capacity of the side button

If the two tasks seen above don’t match what you want, it’s consistently possible to adjust the activity by changing it “side button”. To do this go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Side Button, here you can change the side button activity on the long press of the side button by choosing between turning on Bixby or opening the power menu.

That’s all how to turn off Samsung s20 plus now you know how to do it if you have a question tell us in the column below this article.


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