How To Wipe Cache Partition Note 9

Manual Samsung – You may be experiencing that your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 occasionally has cache issues. There are times when an app doesn’t start accurately, or now and again starts but not with the latest form you’ve refreshed. It can be annoying, but you don’t need to stress because the problem can be effectively fixed, here you will learn how to wipe cache partition note 9.

how to wipe cache partition note 9

Actually, this problem can be solved by doing a factory reset, if you do not want to do a factory reset, you can also try by deleting the cache partition of Samsung note 9. This method will not delete your data and documents, and will only delete short application information that has been stored. This method has been shown to work effectively in fixing many of the common problems owners experience in their Samsung Galaxy Note 9. In this article, I will explain how you can proceed in the most common way to wipe cache partition note 9.

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a problem related to software that you can’t possibly solve easily, I would encourage you to use the factory reset method. The factory reset will delete all the data, files, and apps as well as the information you have on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and get your gadget back to how it was the point where you originally bought it.

How to Wipe Cache Partition Note 9

1. Wipe cache partition application

If you only experience certain apps that give you discomfort every time you try to use them, the best way to deal with them is to clear the app’s cache partition. The interaction is very basic and clear, and you can leverage this accompanying method to effectively make it happen on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

  • Turn on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Find the Settings app, click on it and then tap App Manager
  • Find an app that gives you problems and snap on it
  • Snap on the ‘App Information’ alternative.
  • Snap Clear Cache option
  • You can also wipe cache partition note 9 of all applications by clicking Settings and then Storage.
  • Snap-on Data Cache to find an alternative to deleting the entire app cache partition.

2. Through recovery mode Note 9

If you notice that the application continues to be problematic after you do the cache partition deletion, you should use another technique. The next powerful strategy that you can do is reboot the gadget. This technique will remove everything you have on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9; This means that you need to make it a point to strengthen all the basic documents on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 before using this strategy.

  • Make sure your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is disabled.
  • Press and hold the accompanying buttons: Volume up, Power, and Home. Hold down the button until the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vibrates.
  • Once your phone vibrates, simply release the power button.
  • Another page will appear on your screen, where you can go through the volume/down button to explore the menu. Select the ‘Clear cache partition’ option
  • Use the power button to select an option
  • Go to the ‘Yes’ option and use the Power button to select it
  • Snap-on ‘Reboot System Now’ option
  • Whenever you’ve done that, the current framework store will be cleared of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

If you have any questions about the problem of how to wipe the cache partition note 9, you can guess it and I will easily help you quickly.


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